ठाकुर जी भोले हैं

Mahadevi Verma


Mahadevi Verma is a major poet of Chhayavaad school of Hindi literature. She is considered as a child prodigy as she started writing at a very young age. She was a child bride too as she was married when she was 9. Interestingly, in spite of this background, she had a college education and earned a Master’s degree in Sanskrit. She is a Jnanpith awardee and Sahitya Akademi fellow

ठंडे पानी से नहलातीं,
ठंडा चंदन इन्हें लगातीं,
इनका भोग हमें दे जातीं,
फिर भी कभी नहीं बोले हैं।
माँ के ठाकुर जी भोले हैं।

To read the Tamil translation  of this poem:


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