Welcome to Akshra, multilingual online journal for Indian writing.

Akshra is a non-government, not for profit,  voluntary initiative to present the contemporary Indian literature written in different Indian languages at one place in their own script. The intent and the purpose of the project is two-pronged.

One is to enable sharing of the contemporary  Indian writing across the shores and among compatriots at distant corners. Unlike a few years ago,  Internet technology offers this opportunity today. Anyone from any place would be able to access these contemporary writings by sharing a link through e-mail or whatsup.  While literature is spreading its wings by innovating new genres, style and lingo, the physical world has shrunk remarkably.

Other is to digitalise the contemporary Indian writing in different Indian languages in their own script for posterity. Digitalisation facilitates easier archiving and preservation of creative works from natural calamities as they are stored in ‘cloud’. We firmly believe that in the years to come this online journal will grow into a repository for Indian writing accessible from anywhere in the world and aid in research, and in the bibliographical documentation on Indian writing.

This is an initiative of poets, writers, academics and journalists engaged in creative writing in their mother tongue for many years in different parts of India. Many of them have won coveted awards for their writing.

And they proudly present here  Akshra  – a common term that signifies ‘word’  in many Indian languages.

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