How to send your work for publication in Akshra?

You may send your poems, fiction, essays and reviews to the Editors of your language or to maalan@gmail.com.The e-mail addresses of the Editors are provided at the EDITORS page at http://www.akshra.org/editors/

Please send your works keyed in Unicode fonts

What is Unicode?

Unicode is a universal standard that enables to read texts in any language in any platform, and in any program, without downloading any font package. Before Unicode mails/texts sent from one person to another has to be sent along with fonts in which they were typed. Now there is no need for that.

Unicode fonts are available as a free download. If you need more information please write to us.

How to type in Unicode?

You may need a keyboard application (not physical keyboard) to type in your language. You may download them for free at http://isis.keymankeyboards.com/

These keyboards enable you to type even without training in typing as you can type using the phonetic method.

What is the format?

You may send your works as word document (.docx or .doc) or as notebook (.txt) files.

What if my script is not available in Unicode?

If your script is not available in Unicode or if you are not able to type using Unicode fonts, Please  send your work as PDF with an introductory note either in English or Hindi

Is there any word limit?

Normally we don’t impose any word limit.

Can I send E-books?

E-books are welcome in PDF format and if it is for free reading. We do not buy or sell E-books

Do you accept Audio Books?

Yes, if it is in mp3 format. But please write to us beforehand and check with us on the size of the file.

Do I have to send the translations along with my original script?

Not necessary. But we encourage translations into English or in Hindi

Will I be paid for my work?

We would very much like to. But since this is a voluntary non-commercial literary initiative, we will not be able to pay for the works published in Akshra at this moment.

Is my work copy protected? 

Yes. Right click is disabled in this site. No one will be able to copy paste your work

Who owns the copyright of my work?

Copyright for your work lies wholly with you. We do not seek or have any rights on them.

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