On the main thoroughfare of the city

The bull casually

Perhaps with the memories from the earlier birth

Chewing the cud with half shut eyes

Without moving or shifting

The bull in the heart of the city.

As if it is the right holder of the road

Leaving the responsibility to the times

Heckling the scampering of the civilisation

Stood there that it is the King!


Who dares to ask the bull to move

Look how it glances around

Aye! Aye! Motor car!

What is the hurry with you?

Oh! Brother Cyclist!

Careful! The bull wouldn’t budge!

Anti-machinery, proponent of non-violence and a vegetarian

Expert in anti alcoholism

On the main road of the city

Obstructing the passage of the civility

However long like this

This bull can stand!


If the bull has no sense

Shouldn’t the man have it?


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