From The Editor

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

As the year was rolling out, my thoughts were filled with the concept of time. Time flows out, like a river, into eternity. Like a river carrying with it, flowers and corpses move on nonchalantly it passes and it is we, the humans attribute and contribute values to it. Unless we refresh ourselves every day as a new person there is no real ‘new’ year.

Literature has always been a tool to reinvent us. It reverberates within us as the voice of times. They defy the sense of temporariness and stand like a rock forever on the riverside of Time.

This edition of Akshra brings you, as a New Year gift,  some immortal poems of legends of yesteryears, that have stayed with us forever. In a way, it is a tapestry of Indian poetry, knitted with poems, each one of them having a distinct identity, a characteristic hue and unique texture. These legends, Nazrul, Mahadevi, Kuvempu, Ayyappa Panicker, Guruprasad Mohanty, Sri Sri,  masters in their own style have an individualistic voice Their works stand testimony of the plurality of Indian literature. Preserving this plurality is the priority before us for 2019 and forever.

In the Celebrating  Creativity series, this month we are featuring Damodar Mauzo, a voice that hails plurality. Mauzo is an eminent writer of Konkani a language that suffered at the hands of colonial rulers for over 450 years. Efforts were made to wipe out its scripts, but their literature stood uneffaceable. Akshara from its first edition is consistently assisting contemporary Konkani literature to spread its wings, thanks to the enthusiasm and efforts of Mr Ramesh Pai our Konkani Editor. We are glad to feature  Mauzo in the series.

Akshra, while gratefully remembering doyens, is keen in publishing young talents, the children of the cyber age. I invite young writers to avail this forum and share their creations



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