If to Die is Inevitable

Poet                      :               Udayan Thakker

Translator           :               Dileep  Jhaveri


If dying is inevitable

then, we want to die in the woods

we want to die continually hugging the dusty earth


Instead of intravenous needles

bamboo shoots  piercing the body

If a couple of squirrels sporting around

instead of relatives and acquaintances

it will be more pleasant

Not with the loud litanies by priests

we want to die listening to the rustle

of the wind through foliage


There is no fun dying

in the  indolent afternoons soggy with sweat

or creepy nights

In the early dawn

with the dew shaping tears in the eyes

and a rooster from the distant village crowing out

we can easily give up living


But who is going to believe in all this?

The guys with both feet on ground will slyly snigger

The learned will say, lad

you still have favourites in space and time

in the matter of dying!


Now let us try to tell it in lyrical vein

With sporadic rhymes

and sprinkled beats of rhythms

someone may take us with sérieusement!


In the earliest birdcalls of the dawn let me die peacefully

In the celebration for Eos let me die silently


Stretched over the earth red and damp with dew

Here, in the peace of pasture let me die softly


Leaving their footprints on the breeze, see, the sparrows saunter

In their footfalls trickling from air let me die serenely


With the tilt of wind’s goblet the lips of the lawn are dripping

Within this condensed claret let me die calmly


Amid this feral sward, like this wild grass

In this true luxuriance of woods let me die gently


To read the original Gujarati Poem: http://www.akshra.org/%e0%aa%9c%e0%ab%8b-%e0%aa%ae%e0%aa%b0%e0%aa%b5%e0%aa%be%e0%aa%a8%e0%ab%81%e0%aa%82-%e0%aa%9c-%e0%aa%b9%e0%ab%8b%e0%aa%af/

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