In front of Light

Original in Konkani : N.Balakrishna Mallya
English translation : N.Balakrishna Mallya

O darkness ! Your power will not last long
No! Never , You cannot continue this long
However obstinate you are, you have to run away from here
Be apprised ! from emptiness, surely Light will appear

Your body might be dreadful and thick black
Your suppression might have lasted for so much time
You will disappear in emptiness when Truth appears
Know always ! Light will emerge

The whole world is filled with your frightening stories
As if there is no end to fear, no calmness of mind
Do not lie down lumpishly, return the way you came
Be apprised ! Light will burn any moment

Faced with light, though holding a golden platter
Darkness cannot stand in any of the four directions
When the veil is raised from the face of light
Know that ! Light fills up all

To read the original of this poem in Konkani please visit :दिव्याचे-मुखार/

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