The Last Poem

– Saratchandra Shenoi

(English translation from the Konkani original by poet himself)

As like a flash of lightening upon a dark sky,
When the last poem comes forth, bright and blinding,
I shall not take up the pen,
Nor ask for a piece of paper –

As like the scene of a dream reappearing
Before my waking eyes,
When the last poem appears a-shimmering,
It would not reach my lips,
I would not recite its lines –

As like the morning breeze playing in the garden,
As like the rainbow appearing and vanishing,
As like nature at dusk, lost in her own beauty,
When the last poem shines forth,
I shall not attempt to touch it,
I shall not pluck words from it –

As like soothing raindrops in mid-summer
When the last poem condenses within,
Wings will grow upon my back,
I shall fly, and I shall float,
Weightless, I shall swim
Upon the waves of the Wind –

As like the slow smile blossoming through
Ebbing tears upon the face of a weeping child,
When the last poem dawns within,
I shall forget myself
And stand entranced,
Wingtips a-touching,
Lo, I shall become the poem!

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