The name of my Heartbeat is India

In Assamese: Nilim Kumar

English Translation: Bibekananda Choudhury


As a kid

I rolled down from bed

And dropped onto the Earth;

And my parents were amazed

As I didn’t cry

They say I gnawed you

On falling onto the Earth

O soil of India!

They say I put you into my mouth

O soil of India!


That very day perhaps

You got mingled in my blood

That very day perhaps

The soothing coolness of your soil

Could feel the fire inside me

O India!

The day I rolled down from bed

And rolled onto your bosom


I heard of You in the Mahabharata

I memorised you in songs

I beckoned you in prayers

As Bharat Janani

Standing under the Tiranga

We saluted you


Bande Mataram!


Am carrying you in my hearts

Wherever I go

O India!


The turmoil in my blood

The restlessness in my brain

The yearnings of my heart

My illness and misfortunes

The darkness of addiction

My likes and dislikes

My broken dreams


Nothing could erase your name

From my soul

O India!


Perhaps that very day


As I put your soil into my mouth

That very day you became food in my stomach


Transformed into blood from food

Now that you are reverberating in my heart as heartbeat


The name of my Heartbeat is India

The name of my Heartbeat is India


To read the poem in Assamese:মোৰ-হৃদয়ৰ-ধপধপনিৰ-নাম-ভাৰ/


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