In Malayalam : Sampreetha 

English Translation: P.K.N.Panicker.

The funeral procession moves on.
Who enquires
(just for the sake of enquiring)
What is death, how?
Whose is the face
and who the relatives?

When I look at,
perceive with my eyes
bereft of consciousness
behind distances run away;
the procession moves on ………

I too move
watching the procession
moving towards the grave
dug by someone……

In this coffin
is the smell of pandanus flowers
Dreams in millions blossom………

Whose shoulders carry my weight
Whose laments get dissolved
in the sweat of the pallbearers
The smell of which flower
is it that continues to peer
into my nostrils…….

Which volcano, which lake
is on the path
Which of them is related to life?
Which is the shade,
the cottage I waited in
watching my thoughts take roots?
When I bid goodbye
why is it that my body
foolishly refuses to look back?
Without searching
into the distances left behind
the eyes remain completely shut……

In this journey
where it hungers not
someone throws in a penny…….
The hands suddenly pulled back
are disciplined
not to catch that in haste…..

How many are the relatives
on this road
beating the drums
dancing nonstop;
How many folded hands
to pay homage
on this day.
Hey the dead!
I am indeed fortunate ……..


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