Weeders in the rain

Original in Konkani : Dr. R.V.Pandit

English Translation  : Thomas Gay

Hiss hiss hiss ! the rain is crashing,
Silken streamers of water flashing,
Peasant girls with their wicker shields
Move in lines through the weed-grown fields.

Hiss hiss hiss ! the rain comes down,
So lusty the rioting grass has grown,
No end is here of the robber weedings
No water left for the young rice seedings

Sob sob sob ! the rain is weeping,
Threads of water feebly dro0ping;
Rains fail: sun with his scorching ray
Makes emerald rice shoots wilt away.

Hide and seek the rain is playing,
How shall we the manure be laying ?
If bitter salts the rootlets sear,
How shall we pay the landlord’s share ?

Blow blow blow ! Let the clouds assemble !
Crash ! Let the cataract water tumble !
Vainly the wicker-shield weeders plod,
If they miss the beautiful hand of Goa,

Hiss hiss hiss ! down comes the rain,
Hiss hiss hiss ! down comes the rain.









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